The Bear Suit

  • $155.00

Loads of fun, and many laughs are to be had with this Bear costume. Unusual and different than just any bear suit, this one has character in the details and many cool features. A quick open rear end flap, button closures all the way up both legs, mitts attached with strings, and more!

  • Cute look with pink accents on hoodie ears, 10 inch long paw mittens on no lose them strings, belly patch, bow tie, and buttons to hold the rear flap in the back.
  • Gothic spooky look with the black whip-stitch embroider edges over the pink, and heavy weighted skull beads on neck tie ends.
  • Fuzzy-ish animal look cotton velveteen fabric in a one piece body suit that is baggy comfortable raglan cut. Side seams have pockets with invisible zipper closure.
  • Easy to do 'stuff' as the belly patch has snaps closing it over a front zipper and both legs can open completely for quick 'business' pull over get on and off easy LOL!!!

A one size fits many men, loose and bellow-y for a 38 to 42 inch chest (as I have displayed on the form photos here), still easy fit for a 46 to 48 chest, can even go up to a 52 body circumference in the upper AND mid sections (a straight hanging cut).
Crotch depth is 35 inches (from middle of the shoulder line to the joining inseam line), and the legs length have a 32 inch inseam with gentle elastic intended for an average male height.

Material And Care: Mostly cotton content with polyester and metal in decorations and finishing, dry cleaning is recommended or damp cloth spot cleaning if needed.