Lily Munster In Gray Moonlight Dress

  • $190.00

A unique variation in Lily Munster cosplay fancy dressing for Halloween parties, costume theme events, or love of nostalgic character conventions and events. Light and neutral toned quality microfiber soft dress is very light gray with a hint of moonlight blue in, and off white mesh cape is attached at the back.

Back cape has finger loops, shapely edges, falls to a little bit longer length than the dress and is semi sheer stretch net. Sleeves are also with shaped edges and are high open vented to fall open gracefully over arms.

Zig Zag lace trim decorates the neck line and highlights gathering under the bust, a long and narrow sash tie pulls in the waist when you bring the ends around to the back and then to the front to tie.

Luxury lightest rayon lined the material combination overall makes for a heavy hanging one with all the yardages. It's nicely structured yet retains a soft and flowing look and feel, an excellent choice for a fun and elegant night out.

Fits women's LARGE with body measures of:
bust - 38 to 41 inches
waist - up to 37 inches
hip/butt - up to 46 inches 
Length - 60 inches (from the middle of the shoulder seam to the bottom of the hem), cape extends a few inches longer, suitable for an average height

Material And Care: Polyester fabric, nylon trimming, rayon lining contents, dry clean only recommended