Tailoring Services & Custom Requests

Tailoring Service At Ericas Creative Cavalcade

Fitting services and consultations are available for many of my ready made garments.

For me to agree and commit to doing an alteration adjustment on any item, or creating a custom made to measure order you need to provide me with the following information via email contact method:

- The specific TITLE NAME (or the url page link) of the item(s) of your interest
- Your desired delivery by DATE / TIME requirements
- Confirm your COUNTRY / REGION location US state or Canada province
- Your MEASUREMENT information !!!

For Women's:
With your measuring tape just snug (meaning allow no slack but no squeezing either) tell me what is your:

  • 1 - Bust at largest point (and usual bra size if other than average B/C cup)
  • 2 - Waist at smallest point
  • 3 - Butt at largest point
  • 4 - Your entire body height without shoes
  • 5 - Shoe type preference if other than average 1 to 2 inches heel height

For Men's:

  • 1 - CHEST at largest point
  • 2 - WAIST at largest point 
  • 3 - Total body HEIGHT
  • 4 - INSEAM for pants if applicable
  • 5 - Neck size in inches if applicable

For step by step instruction on how to measure, click on: Measurement Guide


made to measure custom requests info page header

NOTE - Custom / Made To Measure order requests are limited to:

  • Being in the same material combinations, design methods, features, and details as shown within pages of this, Erica's Creative Cavalcade website
  • PAYMENT for a Custom / Made To Measure order is made only at the time your item has been constructed to its completion, photographed, and I have created a product page and sent that link to you. This means that when you buy it you are paying for the actual item that you will be receiving.
  • The payment METHOD in custom made to measure orders is the same as any other purchase, meaning you use the Add-To-Cart and Proceed-To-Checkout functions the same as if buying a ready made product.
  • ALL website protocols and procedures remain in effect as stated in the SHIPPING & GENERAL POLICIES page when you have an item made especially for you.

The time allowance for Custom Made To Measure varies by seasonal volume, or by the nature to the details to some items. Generally I tend to keep a 2 day completion time for alteration adjustments and a 2 week turnaround time line when creating again to specifications.

There is generally NO extra charges or fees to have minor alterations done to an item or have it remade, as it pleases me to take care of your fitting needs.

For an alteration you must pay for the item first before I make changes to it, and after your purchase order is completed I begin adjustments. 
If the adjustments make a significant change to the overall look and / or fit of a garment I send you an updated new photo on a form set to your measures so you can see the results before I prepare it for sending.

Your measurement information is necessary for me to answer any questions about:

-Availability at the present time of your request
Everything is subject to change if  I am awaiting information

-Fit compatibility
cannot be confirmed unless I know what your measurements are. You are a person, not a generic mathematical equation.

-MY Commitment to you
can be made ONLY at the time I have sufficient information and am actually able to move forward.

To assess if I am able to adjust an item or remake it to suit you I can be reached via email at:   ericabalogh@live.com