With thanks to my buyers for taking the time to review and convey their experiences with me in my Etsy shop I ran from October 2011 to October 2016 (Ericasbeadgallery).........

Kelly Herrera on Sep 5, 2016
 "This dress was ridiculously perfect, showing the time and care Erica spent in making it. She adjusted it to fit my measurements and I was so pleased with the results.Thank you so much!"
(Lily Munster Dress)

Kellylizard on Nov 5, 2016
"As always, this costume was amazing! Thank you, Erica!"
(Morticia Addams Lace dress) 

Marc Pasquinelli on Nov 1, 2016 
"This item was absolute perfection. The details were impeccable. The cut, length and fit of the dress fit me beautifully. The seller was AMAZING. She was prompt, thorough, super friendly, and completed an entire new dress with my rather large measurements ON TIME and without extra charge. I cannot say enough good about this item! She's permanently saved on my profile for the future as I shall be returning to her shop. Thank you again for your stunning work.
(Reserved for Marc.....Coiled Ruffles costume)

Jordan Lake on Oct 3, 2016 
"Erica is honestly the best seller I've had so far and makes very nice quality items."
(Elsa Frozen Queen Dress)

Devon Greene on Sep 18, 2016 
"This dress is AMAZING! I couldn't recommend it more highly - it's gorgeous, well made, and made me look so much better than I do - but is totally comfortable!"
(Morticia Addams....Tattered Lace dress)

Amanda Coffey on Oct 31, 2015
"There are a lot of morticia costumes out there, all subpar to this. If you want a dress as close to the original as possible, this is it!"
(Morticia Addams dress)

 Morticia Addams dress

ChristianCutillo on Sep 29, 2015
"The dress is perfect in every way! Arrived exactly as pictured, and altered to fit my measurements. The seller is extremely responsive and friendly! I know I will definitely be best dressed for Halloween this year!"
(Morticia Addams dress) 

Alei Wilhoite on Feb 9, 2015
"Could not be more impressed with this set. Excellent communication with seller on sizing. Dress fits perfectly. Jacket is really well constructed. Very nice fabric and craftsmanship. Arrived sooner than what I expected. Thanks again, Erica!"
(The Ultimate Gomez and Morticia Addams set )

heartfelt101 on Oct 24, 2014
"Erica is so creative and does such awesome work. I highly recommend her. Everything fits perfect."
(Morticia Addams dress)

sozzen on Oct 3, 2014
"This fits me perfectly! Erica will work with you to make sure the garment will fit your body measurements. Only a few easy messages about fit and measurements, and my dress was on it's way! It is beautifully made and very comfortable. Thank you, Erica! (Also, the shipping was very quick!)"
(Morticia Addams dress) 
Mackenzie on Oct 24, 2014
"An exquisite dress! Even more beautiful than the pictures. Excellent craftsmanship, on par with any professional dress shop. Very clear on the size, and helpful in making any needed adjustments. The dress shipped even sooner than I expected, and arrived safe and sound. It fits beautifully, I couldn't have asked for a better shopping experience! I will definitely buy another one of these beautiful garments in the future!"
(Ballroom Masquerade Gown)