A Tishy And Witchy Couples Costume Set

  • $320.00

For an extraordinary and fancy cosplay event this couples costume set is top quality and luxuriously refined. The set includes all the pieces as you see it shown here, a 'Tattered Lace' dress, a spiffy smoking jacket, and a 21 inch ascot neck kerchief.

The dress is heavy hollow lace cut into applique shapes and arranged on a stretch floral lace, with medium weight stretchy jersey layer finishing the inside of the main body.
A softer and semi opaque stretch lining is in the sleeves.
Mermaid flare below the knees the thick and textured lace hangs heavily and drags behind on the floor.
With elongation through the back, sleeves also have clipped lace bits hanging down below the wrist.

The spiffy smoking  jacket is in a beautiful quality and rich burgundy color stretch suede look soft material. There is a matte solid black contrasting faux suede lapel, deep pockets trimming, tie belt, and the sleeves are also black trimmed when the cuffs are turned up.
Robe style double breasted closure (with another holding stay ribbon tie set on the inside), the jacket has a generous and forgiving fit. It is fully lined with structured scuba type jersey, and the tie onto the neck ascot kerchief is a soft falling satin back crepe texture in burgundy.

The dress fits women's MEDIUM with body measures of:
bust - 37 to 40 inches
waist - 30 to 33 inches
hip/butt - 38 to 41 inches
Length - Just over 58 inches (from the middle of the shoulder seam to the bottom of the hem) and it is 8 inches longer through the back with the appliqued lace extending beyond.
Sleeves are 24 inches tapered to the wrist plus 12 inches lace bits hanging past, suitable for an average height.

The smoking jacket fits men's MEDIUM/LARGE with body measures of:
chest - 40 to 44 inches (with 42 inches being the most ideal)
Jacket length - 33 inches (from the middle of the shoulder seam to the bottom edge), suitable for an average toward taller male height.

Material and care: Mixed material contents of  cotton, polyester, spandex, and nylon in trimmings, dry clean only recommended.