Chess Charming Black And Silver Chain Belt

  • $72.00

This whimsical belt I have made is a chess pieces charms with chains, a complete set in the front and back views with black chains and beads dangling. A casual club, day street wear fashion waist or hip chain for women.

A full 32 pieces altogether with king, queen, rooks, bishops,knights, and pawns, the front and back views are near identical. With the 16 charms sets on either side, an extra king and queen decorate dangle on the chain hanging ends.

The little charms are silver tone metal alloy casting, and there are different squared shapes and sizes of black glass faceted beads, the large ones are quite chunky and dimensional. Tiny little black cubes hang from silver gray lined clear rounds all along the lower chain swag edges.

There are large lobster clasp closures at both sides of the black aluminum with silver accent effects chain, for symmetrical adjustment to the wearing length at the waist or hip areas.

The hanging length: 3 1/2 inches at the longest point
The wearing length: adjusts between  31 and 35 inches (shown in photos with setting at 32 1/2 inches)

Chess piece charms range between 5/8 inch to 1 inch tall, the smallest black beads are 1/4 inch squares and the largest glass beads are 7/8 inches.