Dancing Webs Chain Belt

  • $90.00

Large spider web charms dangle in a tidy row, hanging in a fringe pattern formation with sparkling glass hexagon charm beads in between. The creepy cast pewter and bling accents are suspended with darker colored silver gray iron chain, thick and textured and with a lengthy drop distance they turn and sway about freely with body movements.

Consistent and continuous pattern sequence follows through both the front and back views, and there are clasps at both sides for closure. The doubled chains band has shiny half coated chrome on clear semi translucent fire polished beads standing upright for a studded belt base with a just over 5/8 inch height.

A unique and creative shining silvers colors in both light and dark tones combination, waist or hip chain belt accessory for women's Gothic style street wear. It's also especially appropriate for spooky theme dressing and festive Halloween time.

The hanging length: 4 3/8 inches at the longer points (top of band to bottom of web charms), and 3 inches at the shorter points (top of band to bottom of glass hexagon charms).
The wearing length:  35 inches 
Charms sizes: Cast pewter webs are 1 1/4 inches, and silver foil backed hexagon shaped faceted glass charms are 5/8 inches. Round beads in between band chains are 8 mm sized faceted glass.