Dracula Father And Son Capes With Wigs Set

  • $160.00

Dads get your costume on and take your son out for some Halloween fun! This Dracula set of two capes and wigs has you all ready to go out quick. The quality of the materials in soft red satin lining and beautifully hanging men's suiting makes it easy for you to play the role of a Vampire, and just slip on the gray streaked black haired wig to complete! (Or a mother and daughter can choose them to couple up cosplay dress also lol).

The other great feature about these capes is the cast pewter skull charms that hang on the string tie closure ends, making the frequently considered 'plain and ordinary' cape costume that little bit more interesting.

The weight of all the generous materials yardage and the pewter accents adds to the luxury feel, and the collar stands up dramatically, or lays flat just as well.

The two wigs you see in the photos are included, on the left is a smaller size for the youth and the one on the right fits an average adult. They have some stretch and leeway, not very fussy on their fit to the head so likely you may be able to switch if you prefer.

The One adult cape is 56 long from the middle of the shoulder to the bottom, which is a full floor length for a petite height grown up of 5 feet three inches tall. My form I have displayed it on is set to a male height of 5 foot 7 inches.
The One Youth Small cape is 33 inches long, it suits a youth small 5/6 and a 3 to 4 foot total body height.

Material and care: Polyester fabric and lining material content, dry clean only recommended