Fester Addams Men's Cosplay Coats

  • $135.00

These Uncle Fester men's Halloween, general purpose cosplay, or theater reenactment coats are fun and easy for quick costume dress up, with material types options you can select in rich shades of brown.

There is a hidden under tab flap set of eight buttons closure (and one little holding snap at the top), pockets in the side seams, lined for tidy finish and structure.

A generous and forgiving A line cut for a one size fits most, a bellowing yet charming for men with a medium 38 to 42 chest measure, well suited for a large 44 to 46 chest size, and still a proper fit for an extra large 48 chest.

The COTTON VELVETEEN material is medium thickness, weight, and depth to color in brown. The length is 53 inches from the base of the neck to the bottom edge, and the sleeve length suits an average toward taller male height at or just over 6 feet.

The SUEDE LOOK CHENILLE has the most firm structure, is a heavier weight and thickness, and is in a very rich gray toned shade of brown.

Material care: Polyester material and lining contents for the stretch velvet and suede look chenille coats (outer layer of the velveteen variant is cotton) Dry clean only recommended.