Griffins In White Pearls And Silver Accents

  • $85.00

An ornate and detailed oxidized silver griffin pair hang from two strands of quality  white pearls with crystal rhinestones and steel chains.

The crystal pearls are in a double row in the front and reduce to a single strand through the back of the neck, caps and little round beads add interest and wonderful hanging weight.

A set of six Navette shaped rhinestones add sparkle between the white pear smooth round beads, and structure the base for the griffins to hang on either side of a matching faceted pear pendant. Steel chains are fine link and doubled to drape from the decorative charms to little links at the sides. 

This high quality pearls jewelry set is ideal for general evening wear accessory or Renaissance wedding themes for a bride that desires a fancy and unique look.

Earrings are included with the necklace, smaller size pearls dangle from chandelier links and little clear crystal bi-cone beads.

Necklace hanging length: from the top of the upper bead row to the bottom of the griffin pendants is 2 1/2 inches
Wearing length: adjusts from 15 inches to  17 1/4 inches with lobster clasp closure and extender chain
Chandelier earrings dangling length: 2 inches

Beads are 10 mm size on the necklace and taper to 8 mm at the ends, rhinestone shapes are 5/8 inch in height and the charming griffins are 1 3/4 inches. Beads on the earrings are 6 mm pearls and the hanging links are 7/8 inch tall by 3/8 inch wide.