Gunmetal With Crystal Rainbows Galore

  • $85.00

A bold focal in dark gunmetal is the diamond shape center of interest for multiple crystal clear beads and rhinestones with Aurora Borealis color effects.

The half coated multi color translucent beads sparkle and hang all around a set of seven large sized rhinestones. A large centerpiece holds seventeen smaller stones adding fanciful detail to the 2 3/4 inch tall by 1 3/4 inches wide textured dark metal ornament. 

This jewelry necklace is quite striking and a little bit bold with the many beads hanging from the grand sized focal, and the rainbow sparkle shades are contrasted when combined with delicate darkness in draping chains and links.

Necklace hanging length: from the top of the center focal setting to the bottom of the lowest hanging crystal bead is just under 4 1/2 inches
Wearing length: adjusts from 15 1/2 inches to 17 3/4 inches with lobster clasp closure and extender chain
Included earrings dangling length: 1 5/8 inches

Beads are 6mm and 8mm clear crystal double cone with color effects, rhinestones in the large focal link setting are 3mm and the round ones in the smaller link settings are 8mm, earrings have little 4mm beads above the matching rhinestone links.