Lily Munster White Mesh Coffin Cape

  • $250.00

Make a grand impression with a unique and fancy coffin cape cover up. In soft stretchy mesh this self lined casket gather detail hooded cloak is striking with black contrast lines and gather drape swag fullness detail.

  • Stretch bindings in side fronts have openings to slip hands and arms through
  • String ties closure is at the neck line front, hood is lined to hold shape
  • length tapers up at the front for a curved edge finish at the hem line 

Easy fit as a one size fits most, these capes are best suited for women in the medium to large size range. The length is just over 57 inches (measured from the middle of the shoulder line to the lower draping points at the bottom), which clears the floor all tidy and a little bit above a floor length dress for an average women's height.

Of course white is an easy match to many and most colors, but this cape is an especially great match, has been made to go with the following Lily dresses that have the same mesh back detail in:
Lily Munster Pretty In Periwinkle Dress
Lily Munster Gray Moonlight Dress
Lily Munster In Light Lavender

Material And Care: Polyester with lycra stretch contents, can be dry cleaned or hand washed, instructions for this process is at:  Instruction Guide For Hand Washing of Delicate Embellished Garments.