Masquerade Add-A-Date Mister Black

  • $150.00

Spiffy dressing for men going to a Masquerade party this ensemble is all black including a fancy jacket with tails, a vest, puff handkerchief and a bold mysterious mask.

Fun with formals, proms, phantom of the opera theme parties and evening gala ball events when you disguise yourself with a mask. Blend in to the shadows with the subtlety of black color, but prepare for compliments from stylish lengthy tails on the back of this butler style jacket.

It's shorter at the front and the length drops into two tails, a tab with buttons makes a pleat detail and shapes the waist. A two button closure in the front of the jacket and set of four on the vest (3/4 inch size). All stretch satin lined (self two layered in the vest back) the lapel has shine contrast over matte and faux silk Dupioni textured crisp material.

Fits men's average MEDIUM with body measures of:
chest - 40 to 42 inches
waist - 34 to 36 inches
Jacket length - 25 inches in the front (from the middle of the shoulder seam to the bottom edge), and just over 40 inches in the back at the tails longest point.
Sleeves are suitable for an average male height (just over, under, or at 6 feet tall).
Though black is an easy color match to most gowns in my Masquerade collection series this ensemble is particularly a material type match to Add-A-Date to this gown (click here on):
Masquerade Black White Dark Silver Ballgown

Material and care:
Polyester fabric and lining content, dry clean only.