Men's Colorful Riding Style Outfit

  • $125.00

An outfit for men that prefer to dress like a villain. This set includes the purple jacket, teal green vest, light blue neck tie sash, black and white polka dot 11 1/2 square handkerchief as you see it here.

The purple riding style jacket is vibrant in colored cotton poplin twill, has black and white marble pattern buttons on the front closure, back decorative tab ends, and on the flip up cuffs.
It is a shorter 26 inch length in the front and tails extend longer to 42 inches in the back. It has two patch pockets, and is fully lined with bright green cotton sateen.

The necktie is a long and narrow 104 x 4 inch sash that ties in the same method as a shoelace does only with dramatic hanging bow loops.

The vest also has the contrast marbled buttons in set of four on the front closure. It is fully lined (back is two lining layer, nice and light). Vest length is 25 inches (measured from the middle of the shoulder seam to the longer front points).

It fits a men's MEDIUM / average with measures of 40 to 42 inches at the chest and up to 36 inches at the waist.  

Materials and Care: Cotton and Polyester contents, dry clean only recommended.