Ming The Merciless Costume For Men

  • $295.00

This is a great costume idea for a Halloween party where you want to dress up as a unique character, highly likely you will be totally original at the event! Or perhaps you just like to play the power hungry villain, are a sci-fi fan, or just like to dress up and have fun as Ming The Merciless!

Boisterous and colorful in red and tacky metallic gold colors with a touch of black. Huge exaggerated bell sleeves, oversized collar, and extra fun is the big perky part at the back of the neck that stands behind the head.

  • Pleating below the waist gives volume and flare as you glide around all wicked like
  • Shoulder padding structures the upper body, and an elastic sewn in the inner back layer holds the fit with ease comfort (while keeping the outer solid black layer free falling behind it)
  • The gloves are included too, in all way stretch red matte jersey they fit large sized man hands, and are a 20 inches length, opera style....wa ha ha ha!

Choose from material types of Crisp Satin (heavyweight and perky with a hint of cherry tone in the red), or Soft Satin, (soft falling with a hint of orange in the red) in the drop down variant options selector.

Fits men's LARGE / EXTRA LARGE with body measures of:
chest: 44 to 50 inches 
waist: 35 to 40 inches (can even go to 42 with lots of ease with elastic and clasp in the back belt)
Length: 60 inches from the middle of the shoulder seam line to the bottom of the hem, suitable for a male height at, or just over 6 feet tall.

Material and care: Polyester and mixed contents, dry clean only recommended.