Pearl And Rhinestone Menagerie Purple And White

  • $85.00

Purple velvet crystal rhinestones add a nice contrast to white pearls in this most interesting and different necklace and earrings set. Large squares hold two rows together in a long hanging shapely combination, cast pewter silver links connect and guide the formation to a center hanging pendant.

Multi shapes and two tone colors interest makes this formal and fancy jewelry set a unique menagerie, round rhinestones are set into little floral links adding sparkle to the center of the neck line. The baroque shape pendant is translucent and faceted bringing all to a point, a lovely shape match to the ornamental swirls that are joined just above it.

Dainty through the back of the neck the pearls are reduced to a single strand and have small crystal beads in purple to separate and add color. Earrings are included and also have crystal beads in the bi-cone shape to keep the color combo uniform to match.

Necklace wearing length: Adjusts between 16 3/4 and 18 3/4 inches
Necklace hanging length: Just over 3 1/2 inches from the top of the upper bead row to the bottom of the center pendant.
Included earrings dangle length: 2 inches

Pearl beads sizes are mostly 8 mm with some 6 mm to shape.
Crystal purple beads are 4 mm on the necklace, and earrings have the 8 mm size on dangle ends.
Square neck band stones are 1/2 inch, round stone setting links are 3/8 inch, and the hanging shapely pendant is 1 inch tall.