Skull-Elegance Hematite Gray

  • $85.00

Swarovski crystals with skulls are entrancing in this obscure statement jewelry set. Smooth oval hematite gray beads and cast pewter scroll links fulfill your neck's spooky inspired desires in a necklace with two tiers joined with multi decoration.

Crystal beads are sparkling clear in 1/4 and 3/8 inch sizes, and the clear pear pendant in oxidized silver setting is a little bit taller standing.

The earrings pair is included, smaller skull charms grin to all that look their way hanging below dark drop beads and a little translucent one above. 

The hanging length of this grand necklace creation of mine is 3 3/4 inches at its longest point, and the earrings have a nice dangling length of 1 7/8 inches measuring from just below the surgical steel wires.