About Us (Me & My Store)

My passion for creative dressing is a never ending journey of my life time. It began with a small dressmaking business in my home and twenty years later I followed the path to selling my handmade items online. Here is some views of my sewing room where I do all my machine stitching.

A few years of exciting adventures in marketplace sales brought new ideas and opportunities that led to my inspiration to create this website store "Erica's Creative Cavalcade", for us to enjoy unique and high quality garments and accessories to wear.


I love that I have been able to expand on cosplay designs, character creations, and the making of theater reenactment type garments.

With the implementation of online commerce to my dressmaking business, I now reside in the serenity of a woodland area in a small town country setting (where I can have a Halloween party any time of the year that I wish to lol)! 

Becoming a forest Mom has also boosted my love for having of my sewing work revolve around Halloween, gives me more inner fulfillment with all the joys and the differences of the changing of, and all of the seasons :)



All my products are handcrafted by me (Erica), I take pride in my workmanship and do everything I can to make all items with loving care. I enjoy making a variety of different types of products and am quite fond of the art and practice of hand beading where I can create my own imagery. To learn more about my bead imagery process click on: About Erica's Bead Imagery

Gingerbread Recipe At Erica's Creative Cavalcade

I love all creative crafts and enjoy combining art form to baking as well. Every year I make Gingerbread cookies (and houses) and have a lot of fun decorating, tending to the Halloween themes as there is so much fun to be had with it. For my great gingerbread recipe click on: Erica's Great Gingerbread Recipe

You will find me to be truthful, reliable and consistent, committed to ethical professionalism with true representation and honesty in all conveyances.

I hope you find something you like at your visit, I look forward to an opportunity to dress you up, as I remain passionately driven (and always will) to the design and construction of garments and jewelry accessories.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know more about me, Erica :D