Shipping & General Policies

I am committed to offer excellent customer service with your complete satisfaction as my goal, but do take a moment to read this page and make any necessary inquiry contacts before placing an order as I do not accept returns or engage in item exchange processes.

Parcels with United States destinations are shipped via USPS in conjunction with Chit Chats Express partner facility.
Canada destinations are also with Chit Chats, and in conjunction with Canada Post usage for 'the last mile'.

Packages have a general delivery expectation time frame between 4 to 8 days from your purchase date (for the majority of United States and metropolitan Canada destinations);
***Outlying regions / some provinces or territories will take longer than others, and there are sometimes additional random transit time delays (especially for Canada).***

Orders are generally processed (posted) from 1 to 3 business days after the financial transaction is complete (with the next weekday being the most common). 
Orders will take longer to process if the information in the purchase order is not verifiable and / or there is suspect to any attempt to fraud.

In the event you have engaged in a fitting consultation and there are any alteration adjustment procedures on your item(s) additional time may need to be factored into this, though it is likely the same processing and delivery time will remain consistent.

This transit time is an estimate, not a guarantee as any packages sent through the mail system are subject to delay from weather conditions, delivery service disruptions, volume, or other unknown factors that are beyond my control.
In my experience I have had very few issues with shipping delays but if you have specific delivery requirement dates that are important it is recommended you confer with me on this before you make your purchase. 

Delivery fees are currently set to rates of $5, $10, $15, or $20 (variant to item size / weight category) per package within the USA states and most Canada provinces.

I am not responsible for stolen delivered items, so please monitor the travel progress with usps (or other accordingly with the tracking number link that shows in your order shipping notification that is sent to your email).

You can always get in touch with me at any time if you need assistance with current transit time estimates, or have any other questions.

THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS REQUIRED  for answers to any inquiry questions with regards to sizing or fit recommendation to have any accuracy to them as the:

-availability at present or possibility to upcoming is subject to change while I await the information
-fit compatibility cannot be confirmed should any measures exceed the adjustment range of my fitting forms
-commitment to any alteration or production completion dates cannot be made if I am prevented to move forward

With my apologies for the burden to the task of taking measurements in inches, it is in your best interest to eliminate possibility to error, with a consistent standard no longer in existence for women's apparel sizing I do not give fit recommendations or engage in consultation services based on the interpretation of off the rack size numbers.

With your measuring tape just snug (meaning allow no slack but no squeezing either):
 1 - Bust at largest point (and usual bra size if other than average B/C cup)
 2 - Waist at smallest point
 3 - Butt at largest point
 4 - Your entire body height without shoes
 5 - Shoe type preference if other than average 1 to 2 inches heel height

For step by step instruction on how to measure, click on: Measurement Guide

This site reserves the right to refuse / cancel an order or limit the sale of products to any person, geographic region or jurisdiction (such as in the event a shipping address cannot be verified or there is suspect of credit card fraud use or attempt of). 

A correction of any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, change to update information may be made if any information is inaccurate at any time (including after you have submitted your order).
Rest assured though, only a minor edit to a shipping address would be made for the purpose of matching the verified version of its display to the appropriate package delivery service), any event of a further complication that needs clarification (such as a destination is not verifiable at all, or I have been prompted that there is potential issues with fulfillment of an order) you will be contacted at the email you provided in the purchase order.

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