Measurement Guide

This guide to measuring enables me to ensure you will have a proper fit for your garment purchase, assess if I am able to tailor adjust to suit you or begin the creation of a custom item request.

Measurement Guide steps 1-2-3

With measuring tape relaxed (meaning no slack but no squeezing either) tell me in inches what is your:

  • #1 - Bust at the largest point
    (shown with blue tape in photo above on the left side)
  • #2 - Waist at smallest point
    (shown with the white tape, and note that the waist at its smallest point is located a little higher than where a jean pant waistband positions)
  • #3 - Butt at largest point
    (yellow tape positioned at the mid to lower hip area)
  • #4 - Total body height
    (includes your head and is without shoes)

Also when applicable #5 your shoe height preference
(an other than average 1 to 2 inches heel height such as flats, 3 or more inch heels, platform styles modify hem positioning)

Generally there is no additional fees for having minor adjustments done to suit you or have something remade to different specifications as it pleases me to get you fitted up nice :) 

To contact me for a consultation or if you have any other questions you can send an email to:


More info about additional preferences, more detailed fitting, and lengths:
Lengths are conveyed with a measurement from the middle of the shoulder seam to the bottom edge, (as I have displayed with the blue tape in the photo above on the left of the black dress).

  • Note that the tape starting at (zero) mark is at the bottom to get a feel for where the garment falls at the floor.
  • Also note that the tape is draping over the body and including the dimension from the bust shaping.
  • Wearing a light T-shirt, or something with a seam line across the shoulder line is optimal to locating the finishing measure point.

    The yellow tape displays a waist to floor measure that I use for garments with no defined shoulder seam line (such as a strapless dress).

    • Note that the starting point (2) at the waist smallest point is a little higher up in position than where a waistband on a jeans pant sits.
    • Also see that sleeves are measures by the actual sleeve itself from its joining line at the shoulder to the bottom of the wrist edge, as the arrow shows in the photo (above on the far right side of the image). 

    Measurement Guide more detailed fitting preferences

    Feel free to also let me know if you have any additional specifications for any other areas, such as arm or thighs circumferences, rib cage, top of hip bones, anything you wish for me draw my attention to!

    I may also ask you for additional dimensions if it's applicable to the specific item of your interest, or to double check any numbers I have for you that seem to have possibility to error.

    I have been tailoring and fitting garments for a very long time, so never be shy to let me know of any special needs you have, I am quite familiar with it all :)