Masquerade Ensemble In Celestial Lace

  • $195.00

Timeless and classic, this lace and superior quality iridescent mirror organza and lace gown can make a masquerade party a magical event.

The dress colors are in soft sandy gray neutral toned, with just a hint of sage. All the layers are soft falling, very elegant, a unique handmade treasure of a dress. Fully lined and with a middle layer for structure, the strapless gown has a wonderful form with boning and inner stiffener in the bodice.

The dark silver brooch is a faceted clear glass stone set in cast pewter and is a removable pin measuring 1 1/2 inches tall. 

I have also included in this set a matching 100 x 17 inch shawl wrap, a dainty silver mask with ribbon tie ends, and a necklace in 8 mm glass pearls.

The necklace strand is spaced with 6 mm clear beads and has a wearing length that adjusts between 16 1/2 and 18 1/2 inches.

Fits women's MEDIUM with body measures of:
bust -  36 inches to 39 inches
waist -  30 inches to 32 inches
hip/butt  - free with generous panels and pleating
Length:  43 1/2 inches from the smallest point of the waist to the bottom of the hem in the front lace section, and it is a few inches longer through the lightly pick up pleated shimmery organza back, suits a taller women's height

Material and care:
mixed fabric contents, dry cleaning recommended