Gothic Red And Black Multi Gunmetal Chains Belt

  • $110.00

Gunmetal, black, and little touches of red are combined in this stunning and one of a kind women's metal belt that is heavy hanging and elegant in dark Gothic style.

I have set little red crystal rhinestones into the set of fourteen chandelier links for a subtle color accent to the darkness of the metal. Evenly spaced throughout the waist or hip chain are black faceted glass beads in drop and oval barrel shapes with small red beads on their tops.

There are multiple chains draping in between the links which gives a heavy weight to the belt overall, as well a very luxurious and ornate look to the graceful body jewelry piece.

There are two sets of lobster clasp closures at both sides. Large ones for symmetrical adjustment to the wearing length and small ones to complete the last chain swag (that fills in the gap created by enlarging the main wearing chain accordingly).

The hanging length: 4 inches at the longest point
The wearing length: adjusts between 31 and 39 (shown in photos with the setting at 32 inches).

Chandelier gunmetal links are 1 3/4 tall with 3 mm rhinestones, faceted glass black teardrop beads are 3/4 inch sized and the ovals are 1/2 inch, red fire polished topper accents are 4 mm.