Skulls And Infinity Chains Belt

  • $85.00

This creepy themed metal belt is definitely unique one of a kind, as this compilation of links, charms, and oval shaped beads I had plated in dark gunmetal. 

Chains gracefully drape in overlapping swag hanging habit formation and the pattern is continuous through front and back views. Dark silver faceted round glass beads add touches of sparkle among the dark chains, and twist detailed ovals dangle drop from chandeliers that have endless swirl design in their shape.

Skull pendant charms create a Halloween theme for the waist or hip chain, also ideal for Gothic casual, night club, or street day wear.

There are two sets of lobster clasp closures at both sides. Large ones for symmetrical adjustment to the wearing length, and small ones to complete the last chain swag (that fills in the gap created by enlarging the main wearing chain accordingly as I have shown in the close up image photo).

The hanging length: 3 1/2  inches  at the longest point
The wearing length: adjusts between 31 inches and 36 inches (shown in photos with the setting at 32 1/2 inches)

Charms sizes: Skulls and links are just under 1 inch, metal beads are 10 x 8 mm and 6 mm sizes.