Pleated Princess Beaded Cosplay Gown

  • $350.00

Unique and elaborate with multi colors of fabrics and bead imagery embellishments, this fancy cosplay gown is a one of a kind luxury dress up to make a most memorable theme party or Halloween event. Details galore in multi panels pleated, each with hand beaded designs, jewels and patterns are also on both front and back views of the trimmed bodice.

  • Off the shoulder style princess gown is structured with boning and crinoline netting, the gown is fully lined and very well weighted with all the yardages and ornaments additions.
  • Colorful with shades of greens, golds, and teal over black all decorated the antiqued brass pendant necklace has a large domed round cabochon on fabric neck band and is included with the dress.
  • Additional detail of back lacing is over the back zipper closure to tailor fit the waist area snug and add feature interest, comfort fit is also in gentle elastic inside sleeve caps that fall over the arms with a soft draping effect.

Fits women's tailored MEDIUM with body measures of:
bust - 36 to 39 inches
waist - 29 to 32 inches
hip/butt - free with generous pleating and multi panels
Length - 41 inches from the waist line to the bottom of the hem, suitable for an average height a little toward the petite side.
Necklace - Single snap closure on an 18 inch strap, hanging pendant is 1 1/4 inches.

Materials and care: Polyester, acetate, nylon netting with glass and acrylic embellishments. Dry clean only recommended.