Tishy Witch Slinky And Meshy Dress

  • $195.00

Sleek and stretchy black slinky jersey material is decorated with wispy dangling lace bits variety and net mesh inserts with silver sparkle.

Fitted with a mermaid flare below the knees and elongating puddle trail at the back, the bell sleeves also have hanging details and nice balance of bling effects.

Fits women's SMALL with body measures of:
bust - 34 to 36 1/2
waist - 26 to 29 inches
hip / butt - 35 to 38 inches
Length - Just over 60 inches (measured from the middle of the shoulder seam line to the bottom edge) in the front and it is 7 inches longer through the back with the hanging bite extending past that, lengthy for an average height proportion.
Sleeves are 23 inches long with the decorative meshes and laces details hanging longer.

Material and care: Various materials polyester, spandex and nylon material contents, hand wash gently is recommended, instruction on this process is here at:
Instruction Guide For Hand Washing of Delicate Embellished Garments.